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We know one size does not fit all, and we work with our academic and non-profit partners personally to customize our events to be the most beneficial for their student, talent, and program participants. If you have an idea for an event, we would love to hear it!

Panel discussions & guest speakers

We frequently host panel discussions and guest speakers, and we are always looking for volunteers to participate. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge, insight, and experience with talent, please reach out to us. We would love to have you involved.


We are currently working with our collaborators to build hands-on mentorship programs. Get involved with us and mentor young talent in your industry.

Event collaborators

Companies and organizations partner with us to host events, either exclusive to their talent and programs, or open to the public. Become a collaborator with us and open doors for students and talent.

How to get involved

Become a Company Member

As part of the 360° approach, company members are some of the first to plan and participate in our events.


Email us to be added to our running list of volunteers, and we’ll reach out when we have an event that would be a good match.

Participating in Pipelines panels has been invaluable for not only the audience, but myself as well. Being able to provide students with information and guidance along their journey is truly humbling.

Ashley Mettille

Senior Recruiter, FaZe Clan

Pay it forward with Pipelines

Tech Brunch

In collaboration with our partners at The Camera Division, we hosted our first “Tech Brunch”. Attendees received a crash course on the modern cinema cameras and breakfast with director Kellie Madison.


Pipelines presented “10 things I wish I knew in high school” for the EXPO Center’s high school media interns.


Pipelines partners with CommunityWorks & California Department of Education AME to host an Annual Summit that brings together approximately 250 high school students to learn, experience, and begin to define what creativity means to them. They attend various interactive, hands-on creative workshops, and network with community organizations who are viable resources to support.


Pipelines partners with the CSUEA to host two series each month that showcase and highlight a different career area in entertainment every session. Panels feature diverse industry leaders who educate participants about the many career paths available, how to break into these roles, and resources for support.

Make an impact at any level.

Everyone has something valuable to offer. Be the support for underrepresented talent.